Secretary General
Dr. Lukas Meier

History of the R. Geigy Foundation

In 1998 the R. Geigy Foundation emerged from the evolution and gradual amalgamation of preceding institutions, all established mainly by Rudolf Geigy. Geigy's aim was to support young scientists who innovatively combined laboratory and field studies and who collaborated with partners from the South.

Institutional Development

1969 Foundation Clinic Sonnenrain:
In June 1969, the Foundation Clinic Sonnenrain was created to support research, treatment and hospitalisation at the Sonnenrain clinic on behalf of the Swiss Tropical Institute (STI) in Basel, now the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH). As the clinic was not fully exploited by STI, it was opened up to other patients beyond those experiencing tropical diseases.

1976 Rudolf Geigy Foundation: In December 1976, the Rudolf Geigy Foundation was created to support STI research projects that could not be financed through the regular budget. Special emphasis was given to the following activities:
– Field work, especially of young scientists, as well as data analysis and publication
– Scientific collaboration involving assistants from other universities and institutes or STI graduates
– Publishing research from STI scientists or PhD students
– Purchasing special publications for the institute's library
– Purchasing special instruments and equipment

1991 Foundation Sonnenrain: In February 1991, the Foundation Clinic Sonnenrain became the Foundation Sonnenrain. Its new aim was to support the STI by providing rooms and working spaces at low cost. In addition, the foundation provided financial support to several projects, following approval by the institute's director.

1993 Jubilee Foundation of the Swiss Tropical Institute: December 1993 saw the creation of the Jubilee Foundation of the Swiss Tropical Institute. Its foremost aim was to search for financial resources to fund the institute's research projects. The intention was to sustain the following four funds:
– Malaria Fund
– Sahel Fund
– Slum Fund
– General Fund

1998 R. Geigy Foundation: The R. Geigy Foundation was the result of a merger between the Rudolf Geigy Foundation and the Foundation Sonnenrain in 1998. It now holds the properties at Socinstrasse in Basel and makes them available to the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH). The R. Geigy Foundation uses its assets to support the institute's projects, in particular:
– Research and teaching
– Publications by staff and doctoral candidates
– Purchasing books for the library and instruments and apparatuses

2010 R. Geigy Foundation: In 2010, the R. Geigy Foundation merged with the Jubilee Foundation of the Swiss Tropical Institute, thereby completing the amalgamation of all foundations directly or indirectly established by Rudolf Geigy.