Secretary General
Dr. Lukas Meier

Conditions for submitting projects

We are happy to receive applications that match our aims and criteria. Before you submit an application, we kindly ask you to read the following information.


The Foundation's Purpose

The foundation's purpose is to support Swiss TPH. The R. Geigy Foundation uses its assets to support projects, in particular:
– Research and teaching projects of the Swiss TPH
– Publications by staff and doctoral candidates of the Swiss TPH
– Book purchases for the library of the Swiss TPH
– Acquisition of instruments and apparatuses of the Swiss TPH



The board of governors meets once a year to discuss project submissions. Please respect the following deadline for submitting projects: 15th October.


How to apply

Please use the electronic form to send us your application and appendices in either German or English language.



Supported scientists are required to submit a signed report that summarizes the progress achieved over the last 6 months. Reports are due:
– Spring session (15th April)
– Autumn session (15th October)

A final report must be submitted to the R. Geigy Foundation after the project's completion.


Crediting the R. Geigy Foundation in Publications

Supported scientists are required to mention support from the R. Geigy Foundation in publications.



R. Geigy Foundation transfers its contributions to institutional bank accounts only. Disbursements will not be made to private bank accounts.