Secretary General
Dr. Lukas Meier


Code of Conduct


As an independent, non-profit organization, the R. Geigy Foundation (RGF) promotes the work of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH).


The Foundation allocates resources to Swiss TPH to support the following activities:

- Research and teaching projects
- Publications by staff and doctoral candidates
- Acquisition of instruments, equipment and books.


RGF supports Swiss TPH via three main axes

- Innovative projects
- Field research
- Promotion prizes and jubilees


The Foundation collects and allocates additional funds to Swiss TPH, received from companies, foundations and individuals – hereafter called donors - in the form of donations and legacies.


1. Allocation of funds

Funds allocated to Swiss TPH facilitates and strengthens research and teaching. These allocations make it possible for Swiss TPH to implement its strategy more rapidly, to expand research and teaching activities, to nurture talents and to launch new projects.


2. Donations

Donations shall be in accordance with the aims of the RGF. Decisions concerning the acceptance of donations are the sole responsibility of the RGF. Commitments of donations may be recorded in the form of written agreements.


3. Freedom of research and teaching

For persons and projects supported by the RGF, the freedom of research, teaching and publication is guaranteed at all times. The RGF cannot grant donors any rights to ownership, publication or exploitation of research results.


4. Origin of donations

The RGF verifies the origin of donations and only accepts resources from trustworthy donors. The vetting process extends to those individuals or organizations acting as an intermediary for donors. The intermediary must verify the source of funds in accordance with applicable legislation.


5. Transparency and privacy

The purpose and content of donations may be published on the RGF’s website. The annual report provides information on the financial situation, donations received and funds allocated. Donors who wish to remain anonymous will be respected. Data and information received will not be passed on to third parties without the consent of the persons concerned.


6. Reporting

The Foundation’s organs (Board of Trustees and Office) act in a fiduciary capacity in accordance with donors’ expressed wishes. If desired, donors are informed of the progress and outcomes of the projects they support.


These guidelines, approved by the Board of Trustees of the R. Geigy Foundation, come into effect on 10 December 2014.


On behalf of the Board of Trustees:


Prof. Dr. Marcel Tanner, President of Board of Trustees
Jean-Marc Joerin, Vice-President of Board of Trustees