Susanne Hausmann-Muela

Susanne Hausmann-Muela

Country: Switzerland, born: 1966
Present occupation: Independent Research Worker at Pass-International (
Field of research: Medical anthropology

Supported project: Community Understanding of Malaria and Treatment-Seeking Behaviour in a Holoendemic Area in Southeastern Tanzania (2000)

"Malaria cannot be reduced to purely biomedical explanatory models. If you look beyond your own cultural horizon, you become aware of the widely differing interpretations of the causes and course of the disease and possible measures for controlling it."


The understanding of what it means to be ill or healthy varies depending on the cultural context. The project showed that the population living in rural Tanzania had a different understanding about the causes of malaria and the kind of treatment needed than Western biomedical experts. This result is highly relevant in order to better adjust health interventions to the needs of local populations.

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Dissertation: Community understanding of malaria, and treatment-seeking behaviour, in a holoendemic area of southeastern Tanzania